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Data Protection Act 1998

Permission to Disclose Personal Data

Excell Rail Commitment to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018

All individuals/companies whether they be Full Time/Part Time or Temporary Workers / Employees, Subcontractors (Individuals or Subcontract Companies), Sponsored Individuals (for Railway Working) or Suppliers – company information only / employees are required to provide the company with some personal / sensitive information in order that we can either contact them, pay invoices / wages and ensure that H&S regulations are met.

In certain circumstances the company will request individuals to provide completed security applications and supporting documentation such as passports, date of birth, home address – this is forwarded to third parties** in order that security clearance can be obtained for specific project sites (military/Government).

Information that you send to the company is at your own risk, however we will take all steps necessary to ensure the information is protected once received.

** Third Parties could be classed as, but not limited to: Training Companies, Principal Contractors, Sub-contract Companies, Security Clearance Bodies, Clients.

If you do not wish to give consent to the company storing and/or sharing (Processing) your personnel data, please tick the box in “Section 1” below and we will return all data to you. (Please note this may cause delays in payments, security clearance / site inductions for projects etc). If you consent to the company storing and/or sharing (Processing) your data as specified below the please complete “Section 2” below and return

Section 1

Section 2

I authorise the company to disclose my personal data for the below:

  1. Finance Department – invoice / wage payments
  2. Training companies for booking Training Courses
  3. Security Applications when required for specific clearances
  4. Purposes of communication between the company and any Subcontractor or other Employees of the company.
  5. Clients / Principal Contractors

This authority to disclose personal data is valid for either the duration of my personal employment with the company as an individual, or for the time that us as a subcontract company, supplier or client company deals in contracted services with the company (Sprite Payroll 01252705288).

Please return completed to: Email: Kate@excellrail.co.uk