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At Excell Rail, we’re honoured to work with a wide range of customers and clients throughout the infrastructure sector to deliver safety-critical liable labour for work on rail, construction, civil engineering, construction and energy projects.

“Your staff worked well in the unforeseen [snow and rain] weather on the Scorrier Project. The works there removing track so our Balfour Beatty Partners could replace a new bridge structure which had to happen due to the old tin times. The staff turn up on time filled out the task briefing sheets and worked in a safe manner. I would be happy to use Excell Rail on any new project coming up.”

Terry Pearce
Construction Manager – Balfour Beatty Rail.
“The CASR [Cardiff Area Signal Renewal] project have been using Excell Rail since 2013 and have always been completely satisfied with the service provided. The skills, experience and quality of track staff provided has helped in ensuring the project has had a successful outcome. Dan Dummer and Excell Rail can be relied upon to supply the correct skills and staff quantities. Excell Rail have also promoted safe working and attended many of our safety days and have actively participated in the events. Like many projects we have suffered with late change driven by forces outside of our control, however, Excell Rail can be relied upon to react positively ensuring we have the right number of staff with the correct skills at late notice.”

Robin Bates
Project Manager – Balfour Beatty Rail
“Balfour Beatty has employed Excell Rail amongst other suppliers for the supply of safety critical labour for the rail electrification project South Wales. Excell Rail continue to supply services to this project for the last 18 months. They have also supplied to the TGW [The Greater West] Project and CASR Project. During this time, they demonstrated their ability to meet the demands of the project and continue to supply resources competitively and in a timely manner whilst satisfactorily meeting the requirements of the projects.”

Peter Webb
Project Director & Head of Electrification – Balfour Beatty Rail